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Dimensional Drinks

Pool Base

Pool Base

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Sleeve size does not change based on tumbler size selection.

This is a decorative base for the Weighted Base for Remarkable Creator Pro (SPHD8BASE) from Arkon Mounts.


1. Loosen the grub screw securing the telescoping pole to your base using an allen key.

2. Set the decorative base over the weighted base, ensuring it's oriented correctly.

3. Replace the telescoping pole back into the base and re-secure it by retightening the grub screw with your allen key.

Note: The decorative base should be decorated prior to placing it onto your weighted base.

*Flamingo floaty not included 

Size Guide

Our sleeves are designed to fit straight walled tumblers.

Size A (Max 3" Diameter) - Fits Tipsy Magnolia Plumps

Size B (Max 2-14/16" Diameter) - Fits Mother Tumbler 20 oz Straight AF & CraftHaven 20 oz Skinny Straight

Size C (Max 2-12/16" Diameter) - Fits MakerFlo 20 oz Skinny & HOGG 20 oz Skinny Straight

Why are there different sizes?

We understand that artists use a variety of brands and sizes of tumblers. To make our sleeves even more accessible, we offer different size sleeve openings to accommodate a wider variety of tumblers.

What about other brands or cups?

The sizes above fit the brands and sizes listed best, however they may still fit other brands/styles. Hole diameter for each size is listed to help you identify other brands/styles that could also fit.


Fits a 178mm (7") x 178mm (7") base.

Hole in middle is sized to fit around the base securing the telescoping pole.

Care Instructions

  • Avoid excessive heat
  • Avoid dropping to prevent damage
  • Do not bake the sleeve
  • Light cleaning with alcohol may be necessary due to these being handled before shipment
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  • Heat Sensitivity

    Our sleeves are sensitive to heat, so please don't leave them in your vehicles! Excessive heat can cause warping/shrinking so please be careful when torching! Your final coat should help mitigate these effects.

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