Dimensional Drinks are a 3D sleeve blank that fits over a double walled stainless steel tumbler. Artists can add other materials to embellish the tumbler sleeve like glitter, vinyl or rhinestones and finish it off with one of our recommended sealants.
  • Prolonged and excessive heat can warp the sleeve material. Do not leave in hot environments such as a hot car or in the sun for prolonged periods of time.  
  • Do not use excessive heat from a torch or heat gun as it may warp the sleeve material.
  • Do not bake your Dimensional Drink sleeve. Polymer clay elements can only be added after they are baked. Other sculpting mediums that can be used to sculpt directly on to your Dimensional Drink sleeve include: Apoxie Sculpt, Air dry clay, and Smooth On Free Form Air. 
  • We recommend adhering your tumbler into your Dimensional Drink sleeve with a strong glue or epoxy. 
  • Due to the fixed dimensions of the sleeve it is not recommended to add more than a thin layer of epoxy or glue to the tumbler when affixing to the sleeve.
  • Adding additional elements to the tumbler prior to affixing it to the sleeve may result in the sleeve not fitting over the tumbler. Please take this into consideration when planning your designs. 
  • It is recommended to use a paint brush to apply your sealer on our more detailed sleeves, especially on the edges. 
  • Dimensional Drink sleeves have a lined texture from manufacturing.  To minimize this it is recommended to coat your sleeve with a thin layer of epoxy or an epoxy alternative. 
  • Some minor imperfections from manufacturing may occur. 
Dimensional Drink sleeves are not waterproof and should always be sealed for protection and durability with an FDA compliant epoxy or epoxy alternative like Crystalac. 
Once an item has been customized or altered in any way, store credit and exchanges are not permitted. 


Once an order is placed it cannot be combined with another order or altered. 

  • Do I get to pick my tumbler?
    • No. Each sleeve is specifically designed for a specific tumbler.
  • Will I be notified when my order ships? 
    • You will be notified via the email you provided at checkout once your order has shipped.