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Dimensional Drinks



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3D Tumbler Sleeve hole and height change slightly based on selection, but otherwise does not change significantly.


This item is currently ONLY available for Tipsy Magnolia Plumps. No longer comes with Inner Topper Base when purchasing with Topper.



Embrace the tropical vibe with our Pineapple 3D Tumbler Sleeves! Perfect for adding a summery touch to your Plump. Whether you're a fruit enthusiast or just love unique designs, this eye-catching pineapple sleeve can bring your refreshing vision to life.

Works best with a 16oz Plump from Tipsy Magnolia (as shown in photo)

For the first time, we're introducing an optional Topper with our Pineapple Sleeve - our

Pineapple Leaves Topper. It's an innovative add-on that elevates the look of your tumbler, coupled with our Inner Topper Base.

You have the freedom to customize your tropical tumbler experience to suit your taste. Unleash your creative spirit and let our Pineapple 3D Tumbler Sleeve bring your refreshing vision to life.

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      Prior to purchase, please read through our FAQ page to ensure the best results when using our products.

      Size Guide

      Do your 3D Tumbler Sleeves fit other brands/styles?

      Our 3D Tumbler Sleeves may fit other brands/styles, but we cannot guarantee that they will. The brands/styles we show are what fit our products best to our knowledge. If you find that they fit another brand/style well, let us know so we can share with others!

      Why are there different sizes?

      We understand that artists use a variety of brands and sizes of tumblers. To make our sleeves even more accessible, we offer different sleeve sizes to accommodate a wider variety of tumblers.

      Buying in Bulk?

      Contact us and we can accommodate your needs.


      4.6 oz


      Hole Diameter: 3"

      Height: 5-13/16"

      Width: 4-9/16"

      Care Instructions

      • Avoid excessive heat
      • Avoid dropping to prevent damage
      • Do not bake the sleeve
      • Light cleaning with alcohol may be necessary due to these being handled before shipment
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Lacie Wickum

      Feels great in your hands. Not hard to hold onto. So cool!

      Karen Smith

      They are outstanding excited to create with them

      Bridget Hudson

      Going on a cruise soon, made the pineapple tumbler for my alcohol and it appears to be the perfect size.

      Mr. Pineapple Head

      I just love this pineapple sleeve and topper!!! It was perfect for creating this Mr. Pineapple Head tumbler!

      Charlette Robichaud

      Perfect, as always. Fun, lightweight, easy to work with, so many possibilities 🤩

      • Heat Sensitivity

        Our sleeves are sensitive to heat, so please be careful! Excessive heat can cause warping/shrinkage so please be careful when torching! Your final coat should help mitigate these effects.

      • Got questions? We've got answers!

        Feel free to reach out to us and we'll work to resolve any questions you may have! Be sure to join our Facebook Group as well!

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